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Authentic fabrics

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Wool (Virgin Wool) is one of the oldest textiles worldwide. Already in the 4th millennium BC, wool was used in the Middle East. The natural fiber made of animal hair has the special property that it protects both against heat and cold insulating and is therefore popular around the world.

VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH uses only the finest Virgin Wool in different forms: Loden from Austria, Soft-Walk from South Tyrol, Harris-Tweed from the outer Hebrides, Cashmere Jersey, Cashmere Gabardin and Soft Tweed from Italy.



Linen, along with wool, is the material used the longest in the history of mankind: linen was the most widely used material for clothing from Greek and Roman antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Today, this fiber is often used for summer clothing because it has cooling and warming properties, and combines great ease and elegance. Linen is particularly durable, dirt-repellent and very resistant. Natural shine and strength are a feature of this sensual-living substance.

VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH uses only the highest quality linen from all over the world: embroidery lines from Italy, washcloths from Tyrol, as well as colored linen from Ireland.




Cotton is one of the classics of fabrics and has been used for many centuries for the manufacture of clothing.

The natural fiber made of plants is naturally soft, skin-friendly and moisture and temperature balancing. For nearly 7,000 years, cotton clothing has protected humanity from the sun, rain, heat and cold.

VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH processes only high-quality cotton fabrics from sustainable cultivation.





Velvet is a material with a long history, because even in the Middle Ages and in the Ottoman Empire, this elegant fabric decorated furniture and robes.

The fabric has an incorporated thread pile and has a line direction which causes the fabric to look different when touched. Velvet fabric is characterized by its fluffy soft feel and shimmering shine.

VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH uses only the finest velvets from all over the world with the highest quality and special coloring.




Silk production by mulberry caterpillars was discovered some 5,000 years ago in China and has long been a well-kept secret. This made the finished silk fabric in far-off Europe particularly precious and desirable.

Silk has a low material density, has a soft surface structure and is particularly comfortable to wear. Its insulating properties cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their incomparable brilliance made this special substance known worldwide.

VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH exclusively uses silk fabrics from Italy and India of the highest quality.





VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH refines its products with unusual materials from all over the world.
Traditional designs get an extravagant appearance through the combination of different types of fabric and make each of our products to special pieces of lover.
VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH reflects through this unique design many different influences from various regions and cultures worldwide.